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Athletes Testimonials

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Jocelyn W. Cowie Medical Massage Therapist

Vancouver Canucks Alumni, Grand Forks International Baseball Players, San Diego Stars, World Police & Firemen Games Athletes.

Athletes Testimonials

Grand Forks BC has hosted the Grand Forks International Baseball tournament (GFI) for 20 plus years. Soft tissue injuries during these tournaments can cost teams to win or lose the game. The Sacramental Cardinals were the first team to discover my exceptional medical abilities hiring me to work in the dugout with their athletes. Three of their key players would have been unable to play due to injury, with treatment of their respective injuries they got back into the game that same day and they went on to place second overall. This team assists in the development of my Medical Device Company (ASSESSx Technology Ltd) by participating in a scientific study through Life West Chiropractic College through demonstrating the benefits from massage for sports injuries.

The GFI Dominican Republic team spent time at my Spa in 2002 and received therapeutic massage therapy treatments during their stay, their Manager, Rubin Rodriguez, coaches and players attested that “new injuries were treated with up to 100% results.”

Testimonials from the San Diego Stars another team of ballplayers who attended the GFI indicated that injured players had immediate results within one or two treatment sessions. Recently (Sept 1st -6thth, 2009) they said they had 100% improved athletic performance. Their coach attributed medical massage to winning the GFI in 2006.


During the World Police and Fireman Games (July 31 to Aug 9, 2009) the triage at Eight Rinks in Burnaby encountered a huge demand for medical massage therapy services. They called upon my services as a volunteer for the final days of the tournament where there was a continuous line up of athletes from the moment I arrived until I left (I worked three nonstop 10 hour days). Many of the injured athletes trying for the gold were now able to get back in their game to compete.

My volunteer services have helped me further my reputation as an expert in improving athletic performance. The Canucks Alumni have already experienced significant results from the service I have provided! I have in my short time with them proven that I can resolve old injuries where other therapist’s have failed. This has helped to enhance the team’s overall performance optimizing their competitive advantage.


Vancouver Canucks Alumni

Achilles Heel Pain

“I had Achilles heel pain for 2 years and went to physio for 6 months with no results. After four, one-hour sessions with Jocelyn, the pain was gone. I was so happy as I thought I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. Now I can run and state with no pain. I also had a problem with my right knee giving way when I walked up the stairs she fixed this problem as well.  Thanks, JC,”

  Gary B.

Low Back Pain

“I suffered from low back pain due to work and heavy lifting. Jocelyn Treated it with a Pressure Point Massage.”

  Mark L.

Low Back Stiffness

“I saw Jocelyn for Low back stiffness and pain my C4,C5, plus muscles in the abdomen were used to relieve this pain.”

  Sean C.

Lower Back and Right Shoulder

“4 treatments to the lower back and right shoulder and now 100% better. Jocelyn did a deep tissue massage that hits the pressure points that individuals do not know existed.” 

   Jeff B.

Left Shoulder Neck and Low Back

“Left shoulder neck and low back 6 treatments 90% improvement I meant. Jocelyn releases pressure points and which subsequently relaxes the involved muscle moving inflammation out of the injured area which reduces pain pressure and swelling.”

  Mike M.

Left Elbow

“Hockey goalie injury left elbow tried physiotherapy and it did not work 5th 1 hour 5-minute session 98% better.”

  Tipper D.

Left Knee Osteoarthritis

“Left knee osteoarthritis 10 treatments the amount of stiffness has decreased with each treatment.” 

   Garry M.

Right Arm Tendonitis

“Right arm tendonitis, radial nerve, 3 treatments 100% deep massage release nerve full range of motion arm.” 

  Terry B.

Grand Forks Baseball International

Amazing Abilities


“As  the Dominican Republic team manager please accept this as a letter of recommendation Jocelyn has amazing abilities to use her hands to treat old and new injuries she provided treatment services to us during our stay at her Mtn. Spa.  Players had great and immediate results with 5 to 15-minute treatments new injuries were treated with up to 100% results.”

  Dominican Republic Manager: Reuben Rodriguez Scout: Tony Candelario, Rodriguez Anders, Perez Thomas

Got Back to Playing Immediately

“The Sacramental Cardinals after experiencing Jocelyn’s expertise hired her to work in the dugout on injured players volunteered for our prototype testing in a scientific study through Life West Chiropractic College demonstrating the benefits of massage for sports injuries. .  Three of their key players would have been unable to play due to injury, with the treatment of their respective injuries they got back into the game that same day and they went on to place second overall.”  

   Sacramental Cardinals team

San Diego Stars

Massive Improvement


“Jocelyn amazing talent has assisted us in many of our round victory games at the GFI.  Thank you for all of your help you have many players that will testify about their improvement and results due to your abilities thanks you're amazing.”

  Mickey D.

Improved Performance

“Jocelyn did great work made my arm feel great helped my playing a lot, 100% improved athletic performance.” 

  Clifton T.

Finger Impact Injury

“As a Back catcher I had a right finger impact injury was better with one session a 100%” 

   Matt P.

One Treatment

“Tightness and inflammation 200% one treatment.”

  Joel J.

85% Improvement

“Pitcher shoulder and elbow 85% improvement in 3 sessions greatest massage ever 91% improved athletic performance.” 

  Galvani M.

200% Improvement

“Pitcher, inflammation in my shoulder 200% improved in 2 sessions Dominic mince moback low back improve 90% in one session.”

   Perot S.

100% Improved Athletic Performance

“1st 2nd and 3rd base and left field ankle, wrist, back, shoulder, and elbow 100% improvement in 2 sessions jostling worked miracles on my body in a minimum of sessions 100% improved athletic performance.” 

  Carlos L.

Improved Performance

“Shortstop 2 treatments neck, shoulder, upper back and low back right hand knuckle injury, right forearm, broken right hand, the medical massage improved my athletic performance 100%.”

  Diego M.

Healthy Throw

“I receive 4 treatments on my shoulder I haven't been able to throw this healthy in about 7 to 8 weeks.”

   Allen R.

Improved Athletic Performance

“Middle infielder one treatment neck and low back 100% improved athletic performance” 

  Rendon M.

Pain Improvement

“Back and front of shoulder pain 1 treatment 100% improvement pain is relieved by and relieving decreased a lot”

  John D.

No Pain and Inflammation

“C7 tightness and soreness hurt to bend neck down to the left and right 1 massage 100% improvement 5 minute session Lucy session and loosens releases pain and inflammation.”

   Michael S.

Improvement Massage

“Forearm, left shoulder when throwing 1 treatment 100% improvement massage works by I the science to prove it in 10 minutes.”

  Mark M

Reduced Inflammation

“Shoulder pain 2 to 3 sessions 100% improvement the pain was feeling so short was feeling so sharp that in it felt like muscle type muscle tightness or like even strain she simply released the tension by putting pressure where I was feeling pain which reduced inflammation I helped and helped relieve my pain 100%.” 

  Connor C.

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