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Meet Jocelyn 

Jocelyn, also known as OwieCowie, is an expert in her field.

Meet Jocelyn 

Jocelyn, also known as OwieCowie, is an expert in her field.

Meet Jocelyn 

Jocelyn, also known as OwieCowie, is an expert in her field.

About Jocelyn W. Cowie

Jocelyn began doing massage intuitively as a child. Her husband's job had him wanting massages daily and then one day, he crashed his motorcycle coming home from work. The X-rays showed he had broken 3 vertebrae. He requested nonstop massages, and after three weeks, to his friend's amazement, he was back to work and fixing his motorcycle, his back pain never returned. There was something about massage that seemed to help but what is the underlying science, read on to learn more.

Jocelyn has been a medical massage therapist for over 36 years. She was a Nurses Aide at Peace Arch Memorial Hospital in White Rock, BC. When she began studying and apprenticing in reflexology during this time. Later she studied Acupressure, with Dr Danica Begg UBC and apprenticed at the Acupuncture College in Santa Crus.

Shortly after graduating, she began researching and teaching massage. In 1991, she began the development of Mtn Spa, an Educational Retreat and Center for Fascia Research, here she offers classes on massage physiology, pain and using Palpation, Acupressure and Lymphatic Massage (PALM). 


Jocelyn was the first Massage Therapist invited to present clinical workshops at the Canadian Pain Society; "Massage Physiology and Soft Tissue Assessment". She was invited a second time presenting "Palpation Techniques for Pain Assessment and Treatment".  


Grant from the Massage Therapy Association BC to write a Systematic Review and was subsequently Published in Fascia Research 111 Congress


  1. A Multimodal Biosensor to Measure Soft Tissue Pain and Myofascial Trigger Point (MFTP) for Evidence-Based Practices. Published in Fascia Research 111 Congress. 
  2. Visualizing Pain in Children American Pain Society APS- April 3-6th 2019 Congress in Milwakee WI
  3. 4th World Congress of Medical Acupuncture and Natural Medicine. 2000 August 23. " 
  4. Pain Relief at the Touch of a Hand. Canadian Pain Society. Cowie JW. 1998.
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  6. Massage Physiology and Soft Tissue Assessment. Canadian Pain Society. Cowie JW. 2000.

Complete List of Published Work in My Bibliography

As the former chair of the Massage Research Committee, Registered Massage Therapist Association BC., our biggest problem was there were no tools to measure pain. To this end, I met with Dan Robinson at the UBC dept ERGONOMICS. He recommended that I do systematic review papers. I realized an invention, hired engineers to develop a medical device to help objectively measure, what my hands can feel, and what patients express as PAIN. The hypothesis was could a biometrics device be developed that could provide data for inflammation felt during physical palpation examination.

What Our Clients Are Saying

CareWare Software Systems Inc.

“As a point of reference, we have launched similar services to other clients. The clinic $100 per month, depending on the scope of the project.  SenSore data base provides a 'benchmark' their performance as compared to the national database. "Data Extraction Program' (DEP) that would take the necessary data from your software and format it to be compatible with our data base. Clients wishing to participate would run the extraction monthly, or quarterly, or weekly, and forward the extracted data to us - either on diskette or over the Internet. They would receive from us monthly, or quarterly, or weekly report packages that analyzed their performance as compared to the data base.” 

  Gary B., MBA -Vice President & COO-.

Fascia Congress Editor for Abstract Submission and acceptance 2012

“I would love to work with you, and I mean that.  I am in a unique position to help with this, as I am in the top in the field, as well as being fully independent.  Dr. Bove's research has focused on effects of inflammation on nerves, and effects of manual therapies on conditions that cause pain and dysfunction.” 

  Geoffrey B., DC PhD

Improved Performance

“Shortstop 2 treatments neck, shoulder, upper back and low back right hand knuckle injury, right forearm, broken right hand, the medical massage improved my athletic performance 100%.”

  Diego M.

Healthy Throw

“I receive 4 treatments on my shoulder I haven't been able to throw this healthy in about 7 to 8 weeks.”

   Allen R.

Medical Registered Massage Therapist 

“Thank you so much for a most comprehensive and enjoyable workshop. I’m feeling refreshed and energized, and looking forward to incorporating a more precise palpation technique into my massage practice.”

  Thanks again, Elizabeth RMT

Medical Registered Massage Therapist 

“What can I say about your workshop.... You are a very talented and Knowledgeable person. I have been doing massage for a long time and I learned so much from you. I loved your Retreat Centre and staying there was stress-less and fun.  The meals were wonderful, I look forward to working with your Sensore technology soon. I definitely recommend Jocelyn’s workshops.”

  Thanks again, Patricia RMT

General Contractor-Self Employed 

“I was in a very bad quad accident back in 2014. I broke the talus bone in my ankle as well as 3 toes both on my left foot well as a ½ space between my hip bone and the Ischium hamstring attachment.

I didn’t want to have surgery, and I wouldn’t want to wear a cast. Instead, I decided to stay on crutches, no cast and Visit Jocelyn's clinic every 2nd or 3rd day and have her massage my leg, hip, ankle and foot. 

My orthopaedic surgeon could not believe how well my ankle healed with none of the post-op problems. It is now 8 years later. I’m now 64 years old and I can honestly say that I have absolutely no issues with my ankle or foot.

Another thing I’ve learned over the years is that all massage therapists are not created equal. Jocelyn is a master at her craft. Her understanding of anatomy and circulation in the body allows her to treat most anything with positive results.”

   David D

“I started a job as LPN at a new Long Term Care facility. I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my neck and having acute headaches. A co-worker recommended I make an appointment to see Jocelyn.

On my initial 1-hour consultation Jocelyn used manual palpation and then pin-pointed an area of inflammation on the back of my skull, rather than the neck itself.  Using her unique palpation method, I felt 50% better and my headaches were gone after only 1 session. After 2 more sessions with Jocelyn, my pain was alleviated altogether, and my Range of Motion was restored.

Jocelyn’s knowledge of anatomy, injury and inflammation is incredibly vast, and she willingly shares this knowledge during treatment sessions.” 

  Sincerely, Sharon S., LPN

Member of Parliament- Surrey, White Rock North Delta

“As one who has benefited greatly from the treatments which you have given me, I enthusiastically support both your work as a practitioner and massage therapy as a treatment modality for many ailments.”

  Amazing Benefit ~Beno F. MP 

Grand Forks District Savings Credit Union.

“On behalf of the staff, I would like to thank you for helping us through a very stressful time during our renovations.


Having you come in to do acupuncture and massage therapy on each staff member was very beneficial in reducing stress. You helped us all get back to a normal routine without the pain and headaches associated with the upheaval of renovations.”

   Saved us from a world of stress ~Paula W. 

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